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The Santa Fe Trail Wilson Walkers

Erin returned home from the hospital last Tuesday. Although she feels fine, the chemotherapy she received last week has now kicked in and has reduced her blood counts to very low levels. She received a blood transfusion today to replenish her red blood cell counts, and she receives nightly injections to help her white blood cell counts recover. Two of our neighborhood friends who are nurses, Lois Moushey and Mary Calkins, help us by coming to administer the injections. After giving Erin the first three injections, Christy was more than willing to let trained nurses take over. Thanks, Lois and Mary!

The donor search continues to progress in Seattle, with several potential donors meeting the minimum matching requirements. Seattle is now focusing on finding the best match possible. The most promising potential donor is a 36-year old woman who is a "6 out of 6" match in the six major typing categories and a "9 out of 10" match overall.

Erin was able to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's "Light the Night" fundraising campaign, in which the Mid-America chapter raised well over $120,000. David Frantze, a board member and past president of Mid-America chapter, walked in honor of Erin and raised over $20,000. In addition, a large contingent of teachers and families from Santa Fe Trail Elementary school walked in honor of Erin. One of the comments heard during the walk was "Boy, there sure are a lot of people walking for Erin Wilson." We are truly grateful for the overwhelming support we receive from the Santa Fe Trail community.

Rachel, Erin, Emily and Friends "Lighting the Night"
Dave Frantze and Erin


Erin is at Children's Mercy Hospital now, undergoing one of her five-day chemotherapy sessions. She is doing well, is in good spirits and has only one complaint—the food. She will return home tomorrow.

Erin is enjoying the laptop computer that several of our friends and neighbors gave her last week. It makes her hospital stays less tedious and will allow her to keep in touch with her friends while she is in Seattle. She (and Mom and Dad) are also very grateful for the many visitors she has received during her CMH stays.

Things are moving ahead in Seattle. Four potentially matched donors have been identified for potential further typing and testing. This process may take anywhere from five to ten weeks, meaning Erin could head for Seattle any time between mid-October to late December.


Erin has been undergoing chemotherapy since her relapse. The goal of this chemotherapy is two-fold: to achieve remission and to maintain remission up to her transplant. Erin's chemotherapy is going well so far—she is now in remission. She now receives a round of chemotherapy every three to four weeks at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Each round of chemotherapy requires a five-day hospital stay. In the meantime, Seattle has commenced a search for a bone marrow donor for Erin.

Early results are encouraging—Seattle has initially identified 123 potential matches. Erin is feeling well right now and is in good spirits. When her blood counts are up, she does things that eleven-year old girls like to do (such as shopping, eating out and having overnight guests). We are grateful for all the support shown for Erin and our family over the past few weeks.

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